Cogentus Consulting Limited

We provide software and expertise to organisations that need to solve tricky problems.

Ideas Catalogs
These are a suite of catalogs designed to bring new insight and awareness to solving technical problems.

1) Start with the problem not the solution.
2) See what's out there. What exists in the same industry but a different country or in other industries to solve a similar problem.
3) Adapt potential solutions for your own specific problem.

We faciltate project teams that have a problem to be solved. The "problem" can be a technical issue, what technology or project to choose, a management change programme or a project portfolio creation. In fact it can be anything where you do not have a clear pathway to a solution. Our approach is evidence-based, well structured and easily communicated to others. In other words, we help to provide solutions that are robust and offer best value for money

What sets us apart is the use of robust proven methodologies integrated with our leading edge software. This approach leads us to elegant solutions quickly and systematically whatever the issue. Our approach will save you money. It won't cost any more than your usual process and the solution chosen won't need reworking, redoing or fail during peer review.

We are, of course, independent with international experience across many market sectors which gives us an additional dimension for enhanced knowledge transfer.