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Boost Cross-Industry Knowledge Transfer

Not all the smart people work in your company. By leveraging the discoveries of others, your organization can produce spectacular results.

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Don't reinvent the wheel

99.7% of inventions use already known solutions.

1000's of potential solutions.

If you can find known solutions for your problem, you are virtually guaranteed success.

Our app saves you time. With easily sorted & filtered results for different solutions, with huge numbers of known solutions. We regularly enhance the app with more content and additional features.

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A complete solution for solving problems

A suite of catalogs designed to bring new insight and awareness to solving technical problems.

  • Start with the problem not the solution.
  • See what's currently out there and what exists in the same or other industries.
  • Adapt potential solutions for your own specific problem.
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Solve your problems now

Ideacatalog has everything you need to start solving problems on your projects right now. Start with your problem and find your solution. You just need to register to get started!

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